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Facts & Statistics

The Good News

According to the Consumer Safety Product Council: 40% of all falls are preventable!

Facts & Statistics

 After the age of 65, 6 out of 10 visits a person will make to a hospital emergency room are a result of a fall in or around the home. (Consumer Product Safety Council)

   30% of all people over the age of 65 fall each year. (According to the American Academy ofOrthopedic Surgeons)

  50% of older adults hospitalized with a hip fracture are unable to return home or live independently again. (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons)

  Over 60% of prescribed medication in the U.S. is not taken as directed. (American Medical Association)

  25% of all hospital and nursing home admissions by seniors (persons 65 years of age or older)  each year is due to their failure to take their prescription medications as directed. (American Medical Association)

  Failure to properly take prescribed medication the number one reason for hospital readmissions.(American Medical Association)

  45% of all household accidents resulting in serious injuries take place in the bathroom. 20% occur in the kitchen. (Consumer Safety Council)

  Subscribers of Medical Emergency Response Systems, like ResponseLINK, have fewer hospital admission and shorter stays after they subscribe. This allows them to live independently longer. (study by The New England Journal of Medicine)

  The mortality rate is 5 times higher for people who lay incapacitated for 12 hours versus those that get immediate help. (study by The New England Journal of Medicine)

   β€œFor elderly people who live alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to get help is the common event which usually marks their ability to live independently.” (New England Journal of Medicine)