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Medical Alert For Kids

Medical alert is not just for seniors. Kids can benefit too

Seniors and the elderly are not the only people that could benefit from a Medical Alert. Medical conditions and ill health can affect any person of any age.

Kids are just as vulnerable as the elderly. As parents, no matter how hard we try to protect our kids, sometimes we are not readily available in the event of a medical emergency. With our busy lifestyles of work and earning a living, our children are often left at home in the responsibility of a caregiver for long periods of time.
A medical alert device is a wonderful way to ensure that our kids’ health needs are top priority. Kids get busy with school, sports and other activities throughout the day. When they get home, they are often wound up and forget the things that we are usually there to remind them of. Often times forgetting to eat and / or take medication. A medical alert can be programmed with medication reminders as well as meal reminders through out the day or night to address this problem.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when kids are in an accident – whether it is in a sporting event, walking down the street, riding a bike, or what we think is the safe haven, home. Even with us at home if an accident occurs, we are not always with our child every minute and things happen quickly. This is where a medical alert can provide the peace of mind that if our children need help, it can be summoned quickly.

Kids have medical needs just the same as elderly individuals: Asthma, Diabetes, broken bones, heart and lung diseases, and many more, that could benefit from an emergency medical alert.

Kids are all about fitting in with today’s society. A medical alert can be stylish and sophisticated to where kids don’t have to worry about being teased or feeling left out. Not only can a medical alert be worn as a medical pendant, it can also be worn as a bracelet or be tucked safely in a pocket for easy access.

In today’s world of electronic devices, the medical alert pendant is a growing innovative idea. This small personal medical alert can also be worn as a medical alert bracelet or medical alert necklace. Since it is wireless, it has a base unit that radios help immediately when a button is pushed on the pendant or base unit. This small device is easy to use and water proof, to ensure the young as well as the elderly can manage it. Medical alert systems are easy to set up, use and are cost effective.

When setting up the medical alert system, you leave instructions about whom to contact first in the case of an emergency. Whether you prefer the 24 hour emergency response center, or a list of numbers in the order you wish, you are assured peace of mind that help is on their way. So simply put, when the button on the medical alert pendant or base system is pushed, it radios the call center and help is on its way, regardless of the day or time. When the button is activated, the call center has live two way voice response to assess the call to determine if an actual emergency is taking place. At this point, it is determined which number off of the list to contact first. This ensures that the possibilities of prank or mistaken calls are eliminated.

Kids and the elderly alike can enjoy the benefits of wearing a medical alert. This enables them to live an independent lifestyle while having instant access to 24 hour emergency services and regaining a parent’s peace of mind knowing that medical attention is just a push of a button away. Medical alerts provide peace of mind that our children are one step closer to personal emergency response during a medical emergency.