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Home Safety Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to check your home for hazards that could result in a fall. If you answer “no” to the questions, you have already taken action to reduce your risk of falling. If you answer “yes” to the questions, you may want to consider making the recommended change or adaptation to reduce your risk of falling.
Bathroom Tips
Is the path from the bedroom to the bathroom dark?
Nightlights can be helpful in lighting the way to the bathroom
Are towel racks used to balance or grab onto while getting in or out of the bathtub/shower?
Towel racks are not strong enough to support a person’s weight. Install grab bars in appropriate places
Is it difficult to stand during a shower?
A shower seat allows you to sit during bathing without getting tired
Is it difficult to adjust faucets?
A shower seat and/or a hand held shower allow easier access to faucets
Are the shower floor and/or bathtub slippery?
Install non-skid strips or use a non-skid mat. Avoid using bath oil
Is there any water on the floor after a bath/shower? Are there leaks from the tub/shower
Patch leaks with caulk or other appropriate materials. Wipe up water immediately to prevent slipping. Use a bath mat with a slip resistant backing
Is it necessary to reach far or turn around to get towels, shampoo, or soap?
A shower/bath storage unit that fits securely over the shower head or is on a pole in the corner of the tub can be used. Storage units can also be sued on the side of the tub or shower wall
Is it difficult to get on and off the toilet?
Install a raised toilet seat; grab bars, or safety frame
Bedroom Tips
Is there a long reach from the bed to a light?
Move the lamp closer to the bed or attach it to the headboard
Is it necessary to get our of bed or reach far to use the telephone?
Use a longer phone extension cord or cordless phone placed within easy reach of the bed
Is it necessary to get out of bed or reach far to get eyeglasses?
Store eyeglasses within easy reach of the bed
Is there telephone, light, or television cords running along the floor on the walkway?
Reroute cords so they do not cross walking paths or have an electrician install additional outlets. Cords can be a tripping hazard
Is there clutter (clothes, shoes, books, etc.) on the floor?
Remove clutter from walkways to reduce the chance of tripping
Is it common to get up many times during the night to use the bathroom?
Place a portable commode or urinal near the bed to eliminate multiple trips to the bathroom. Install a nightlight to increase visibility to the bathroom
Are your sheets, blankets, or dust ruffle lying on the floor?
Remove the dust ruffle from the bed and get properly sized sheets and blankets.
Kitchen Tips
Are there floor mats or rugs in the kitchen?
Remove throw rugs, secure them to the floor, or replace with rubber backed rug
Is it necessary to reach for, bend over, or climb on a stool to get commonly used items or foods?
Rearrange cupboards/drawers so items most often used are waist high. Use a sturdy step stool with a bar to hold onto when reaching items stored above the head. Never use a chair or cupboard shelves as a step stool
Is there liquid, food, or clutter on the floor?
Sweet often and wipe up liquid immediately to reduce the chances of slipping
Living Areas Tips
Do carpets, rugs, and floor coverings have frayed corners or rolled up edges?
Remove damaged floor covering or secure them with double-sided tape, carpet tacks, etc
Are there throw rugs in walkways?
Remove throw rugs or secure with double-sided tape, place rug gripper between rug and floor or replace with rubber backed rugs
Are chairs and couches low to the ground?
Higher chairs with armrests are easier to get up and down from. Avoid chairs with wheels and swivel
Is it necessary to get up to answer the phone?
Keep phone close by to eliminate the need to get up quickly and answer it. Long phone cords or cordless phones may be helpful
Do you have to walk over or around cords/wires?
Place cord/wires close to the wall or install additional outlets
Are there newspapers, boxes, or shoes on the floor?
Remove clutter from walkways to reduce the chance of tripping
Do you need to walk around furniture to get through the living area?
Remove furniture or re-arrange furniture so there is a clear walkway
Do you have to reach up to pull cords on lights or ceiling fans?
Install longer cords or link ceiling lights/fans to a light switch on the wall
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