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Why ResponseLink

“Over 100,000 Americans have improved their lives with ResponseLINK medical alerts and medical emergency monitoring systems”. The ResponseLINK POM-3000 medical alert system offers 24 hour medical emergency monitoring and response using advanced two-way communication that has superior range and smart medical alert pendants.

While completely automating medical attention and care giving is not possible, it is possible to provide some peace of mind through smart devices and services that ensure prompt response to emergencies. ResponseLINK’s medical emergency monitoring systems provide this through 24 hour monitoring and response. Some of the factors that make ResponseLINK the leading provider of medical emergency services are given below.

Know more about our critical service factors:

 Local Support

 Monitored medication reminders

 Live operator wellness checks

 Smart – self testing

 Fall Detectors available

 Backup battery ( 24 hours )

 We stay on line until help arrives

 Answer phone from the medical alert pendant

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