Factory Workers

Studies show that employees who feel safe and valued by their employers are more productive and more likely to remain with a company long-term.

To this end, a personal emergency button alarm should be included in every warehouse and factory safety plan.

A personal safety alarm can help every warehouse and factory address the 8 most common occupational hazards:3



1. Forklift accidents
(OSHA’s #1 cited hazard)
Loading Dock


2. Loading dock injuries
Conveyor Belt


3. Conveyor belt accidents
Load Storage Issues


4. Load storage issues


Lifting and Handling


5. Lifting and handling injuries
(the most common cause
of workplace injuries)
Hazardous Chemical Leaks


6. Hazardous chemical leaks


7. Charging station fires


8. Energized equipment incidents

In the event of any of the above emergencies, or any other industrial accident, workers simply need to press a button to immediately receive help. If a worker falls and is unable to press his or her button, our automatic fall detection feature can recognize that a fall has taken place and automatically send an alert to our Emergency Monitoring Center.

Our trained agents will dispatch EMTs, police, fire department, company personnel, or any other form of assistance that is needed.

Alert buttons can be worn on belt clips or lanyards.


Emergency Accident