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In-Home Medical Alert System

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Live trouble and worry free in your home

  • Requires landline phone service
  • Unlimited button pushes with 24/7 monitoring
  • Comprehensive support—emergency contacts on file
  • Easy to installation and simple to use
  • No long term contracts

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In-Home Medical Alert

How It Works

Just plug the system into a phone jack and an electrical outlet and it’s ready to use. Push your button and one of our professionally trained agents will respond and get the care you need instantly. The system you can depend on when mere seconds count.


In-Home Medical Alert Side
  • Remain by your side until you receive assistance
  • Discrete, comfortable & 100% waterproof
  • Up to 600ft range from the base station
  • 3-5 year battery life with auto check feature
  • Multi-lingual support

Actual Customer Reviews

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5/ 5 stars

They rushed the paramedics...

I was at home sick and felt that I needed to be hospitalized. I pushed the button and within seconds, the operator picked up my call and had an ambulance rushed to my house literally in five minutes...I'm fine and very healthy now. Service was excellent. Keep up the good work!
5/ 5 stars

I was very pleased with the service.

I was very pleased with the service. A wound ruptured in my stomach as I was sitting at home one night. The monitoring center immediately responded and stayed on the phone with me until the paramedics came to take me to the hospital. This is a great service and I'll be keeping it for a very long time.
5/ 5 stars

They were fast, professional, and stayed on the line...

My husband of 86 years fell in the shower and without a pole or anything near to grab onto to pull himself up, he pressed the emergency button on this pendant. An operator immediately contacted me and informed me that my husband needed help. I quickly ran upstairs and helped him back up on his feet. I am very happy with ResponseLINK's service. They were fast, professional, and stayed on the line with me until I told them that my husband was okay. I've already used the service twice. The first time was a false alarm but this time it was for real and I'm glad ResponseLINK was with me. Thank you so much!
5/ 5 stars

Excellent and professional service.

I was gasping for air and with one touch of the button, Mary, a ResponseLINK operator was on with me. She was very reassuring, kind and extremely helpful. Excellent and professional service. She gave me a good feeling of confidence and was on the phone with me until help arrived. I would recommend ResponseLINK to anyone.
5/ 5 stars

I am reassured that ResponseLINK will provide me with consistently first rate service.

I was so impressed with the answers provided to me that I agreed to start imagined that the installation of the ResponseLINK system would be so pleasant. I am reassured that ResponseLINK will provide me with consistently first rate service.
5/ 5 stars

I would recommend this product to anyone.

I am very happy with the service that ResponseLINK provided for my family this past week. Hollis, my father, was able to push the button on his pendant to reach the call center during a mild stroke. Not only did the ResponseLINK operator contact the paramedics who rushed over to aid my dad, they also immediately contacted me to let me know his condition. My father was taken to the hospital and was released the next day. He is currently at home and doing very well! Thank you ResponseLINK! I would recommend this product to anyone.
5/ 5 stars

The pendant is so lightweight

The pendant is so lightweight, I can wear it all the time and it doesn't get in my way - but I know it is there if I need it!