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Medical Alert Protection

Protecting your loved ones with medical alerts

A medical alert device, also referred to as medical alert systems, is essentially a tiny personal emergency medical alert pendant or bracelet that is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When subscribed to, a medical alert service provides extra protection for seniors or home bound individuals with health issues

A medical alert device is a small wireless alert that can be worn as either a medical alert necklace or medical alert bracelet. Small and compact, it is easy to use as well as water proof, so there is no need to ever take it off.
There are many benefits to subscribing to a medical alert system. Seniors that are in ill health, weakened state or just coming out of surgery can benefit. These subscriptions can be used either for long term care or short term contracts. Medical alert devices provide independence when it matters the most without sacrificing safety.

How a personal medical alert system works:

When the subscriber wearing the medical alert device presses the emergency button, either on the medical alert pendant or on the base control panel, it alerts the call center through the telephone line.

A live operator assesses the situation and makes the appropriate call according to the contact list that was made while subscribing to the service. With live radio response, it enables the operator to interact with the subscriber. During an emergency, help is immediately contacted. Since all of this is done wireless through an existing telephone line, there is no need for extra wiring of the home or extra charges for telephone service.

The base system can be set up anywhere in the home. Medical alert systems provide utmost flexibility. No matter where you are in your home you are protected. In the event that an actual emergency is taking place, you can either contact the company’s response center or the list of numbers provided or can dial 911 immediately.

Medical alert systems include certain basic features, including two-way communication between you and the emergency response center. Along with 24 hour access and 30 second response time, they provide additional add-on subscription services such as; medication reminders, meal reminders, health check reminders, wake up calls, and many more features that provide extra security. Medical alert systems can be set up to do daily wellness checks, to ensure that your loved one is safe and healthy at all times.

Some private insurance companies will even reimburse the cost of these emergency medical alert systems. Check with you insurance company since all companies are different and require pre-certification.

Medical alert devices have come along way over the years. You can count on a progressive future for the safety of seniors. Senior medical alerts are all about convenience, independence, and safety. You can rest assured that these amazing little medical alert devices are doing all they can to protect our loved ones when you are not available. It could save someone you love during a real emergency.